2020 FIC report appalling as PF refuses to comment on it

Transparency International Zambia (TI-Z) expressed disappointment over the recently released 2020 Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) annual report describing it as “appallingly shallow, lacking in detail”.

Chapter President Sampa Kalungu said the quality of the reports deteriorated since the intelligence center came under fire from top government officials including the President for revelations that had been made in the 2018 report.

“We have noted that the two reports that the FIC has released since that public rebuke have both depreciated in quality, suggesting that the FIC is slowly being cowed into submission to the narrow interests of politicians rather than those of the wider Zambian citizenry”

Meanwhile the Ruling Patriotic Front (PF) refused to comment on the latest findings in the FIC report, despite all the corruption allegations raised by the opposition in reference to the report.

According to the report over 2.2 million Kwacha was lost to corruption alone out of over 3.6 million Kwacha lost through various illegal transactions.

Party Media Director Anthonio Mwanza told S24 that they cannot be commenting on everything that happens.

“Aahh,!” he exclaimed, “the party doesn’t want to react.” He said, further explaining that “its not everything that the party reacts to, somethings we’ve just let go, you don’t have to react to everything”

Zambia’s main Opposition party the UPND, said through its presidential spokesperson Anthony Bwalya that the ruling party has remained mute “because the PF has been, and continues to be an active beneficiary of government corruption since its assumption to power in the year 2011.”

Mr. Bwalya added that “in 2017, the FIC report revealed that close to $1m in kickback payments was paid to PF politicians by private companies for the award of public contracts, and no one has ever been held accountable for this.”

In response, Mr. Mwanza said “we can’t stop them from talking, so let them talk, but that doesn’t mean that we have to talk back”

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