No need for fence to curb smuggling – ZRA

The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has announced that it has been intensifying measures to curb smuggling in the country, where exports of commodities such as Maize and Mukula have been banned.
Some experts believe that the ban on the above-mentioned goods, among others, is what fuels the smuggling, further alleging that high level political players have a stake in the smuggling, which is why the bans have not been lifted.
ZRA Corporate Communications Manager Topsy Sikalinda said they do not need to build a wall around the country to curb smuggling across the borders.
He was responding to reports of continued smuggling in the country despite the authority announcing that they have been intensifying measures to curb the vice.
He said in an interview with S24 business that people need to do the right thing by making correct declarations.
“Zambia has got eight neighbors, there’s no wall fence around Zambia,” the Communications Manager said.
He went on to explain: “While on the Southern side, we’re kind of blessed in disguise, we have a natural border which is the river, which is the great Zambezi between Zambia and many other countries.”
He added that “while the part, for example between Zambia and Tanzania we share over…I think if I’m not mistaken, I beg to be corrected, should be about 300 kilometers of the border space and there’s no wall fence, not even a wire fence. They’re borders that exist with just beacons, therefore, they’re prone to smuggling.”
He sent a warning to smugglers saying that they will be found and clamped down on, together with the companies they represent.

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