Ministry of General Education Permanent Secretary for Technical Services Dr. Jobbicks Kalumba has announced that schools will reopen on January 18th. 

Dr. Kalumba stated in a press statement that the covid-19 situation has not improved, and that schools must reopen in the new normal while adhering to health guidelines so that no gap is created in the education system.
The Permanent Secretary urged head teachers, college education principals, District board secretaries and teachers to strictly enforce all health guidelines to ensure that learning institutions are ready to reopen.

He has directed learning institutions to create more sessions to ensure social distancing is upheld and allow learners to have physical distancing.
He also directed schools to ensure that classes alternate in reporting for lessons, but stated that examination classes should be given priority and report on a daily basis so they do not lag behind in syllabus content.
Dr. Kalumba urged boarding schools to utilise all available infrastructure and space to observe physical distancing.

The Permanent Secretary further directed teachers to make sure all learners are engaged in their studies when they are not in school through homework.

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