Speaker of the National Assembly Dr. Patrick Matibini, failed to conclude his ruling on a point of order raised by Kanchibiya member of parliament Dr. Martin Malama against UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka.

This is in a matter which the UPND Mr. Katuka is said to have threatened to discipline those who remained in the house during the consideration of bill 10 following a story run by the Zambia daily mail.

The Office of the Clerk of the National Assembly wrote to both Mr S Katuka and the Zambia Daily Mail Newspaper, requesting them to confirm whether or not the statements alleged to have been made by Mr S Katuka in the article were correctly attributed to him.

 In his response, Mr S Katuka indicated that his party had a clear position about not interfering with the manner in which its members conducted themselves during parliamentary business.

But the Zambia Daily Mail Newspaper Managing Director confirmed that the alleged statement was correctly attributed to Mr. Katuka as reported by Mr Steven Mvula, SeniorReporter, who talked to Mr Katuka in a telephone interview on 4th. December, 2019.

When asked for a copy for the copy of the recording In response, the Zambia Daily Mail News paper said the recording had been deleted, but still maintained, that the article was factual.

Dr. Matibini has however attributed that it is difficult to verify whether or not the statement was correctly attributed to Mr S Katuka, as the recording could not be accessed stating that he is constrained in holding Mr Katuka guilty of threatening the Hon Members of parliament as alleged.

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