Over the last 24 hours, 21 new Covid-19 deaths have been recorded countrywide, the Ministry of Health has announced.
In a ministerial statement dated January 25th 2021, Minister of Health Dr. Jonas Chanda said: “It is with profound regret that I report 21 new deaths recorded countrywide – of these 17 were classified as covid-19 deaths and 4 as covid-19 associated deaths. The cumulative number of deaths stands at 660, classified as follows: 278 covid-19 deaths and 358 covid-19 associated deaths and 24 deaths pending classified deaths.”
Meanwhile, he also stated Zambia has recorded 809 new cases, with 7,517 tests done in the last 24 hours.
Lusaka province has recorded the highest number of cases, with 377, while 139 cases have been discovered in North Western province.

He also stated that a total of 2,679 patients have been discharged from community management and health facilities, the highest number of recoveries in a day thus far.
“We have observed a slight reduction in our daily positivity rate from an average of 18% in the last week, to about 10%, as well as a reduction in the number of new admissions, which gives us a glimmer of hope that the situation may be turning around,” he said.
He further stated that Zambia has 6,847 active cases with 6,358 under community management, 489 are admitted to health facilities countrywide, with 340 on oxygen therapy and 32 in critical condition.
Dr. Chanda also encouraged citizens not to let their guard down.
The Health Minister reiterated that the health sector is still having ongoing discussions about the vaccine at national, regional and global levels, and that Cabinet will advise stakeholders once it reaches a decision.

The country currently has 46,146 total cases, 38,639 total recoveries and 660 total deaths.

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