The Ministry of Health will work in collaboration with the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to hold general elections safely and reduce the spread of covid-19.
Speaking during the routine covid-19 updates today, Minister of Health Dr. Jonas Chanda said the Ministry of Health will have meetings with ECZ next week to provide guidance on public health and safety guidelines during and after elections.
“The Ministry of Health is scheduled to engage with the Electoral Commission of Zambia next week in order to revise guidance on public health safety on campaigns and elections,” he said. 
Dr. Chanda also announced that the United States government has donated USD500,000 towards the covid-19 response in Zambia.
“With reopening of borders within our region, we remain vigilant in the risk against contracting diseases through our entry points, including border points and airports. Our surveillance and rapid response teams in our border provinces and all border points are on high alert to respond and identify all health threats.”
Earlier today, the World Health Organisation announced the rollout of AstraZeneca vaccine for emergency use in Africa. However, Dr. Chanda revealed that Zambia will not commit to this but did not reveal which vaccines Zambia will procure.
After 50 positive cases among school learners were recorded last week, Dr. Chanda reassured parents that their children are safe.
Dr. Chanda said the Ministry is collaborating with other countries to ensure there will be no importation of cases.
Meanwhile, Zambia has recorded 575 new cases of 5,249 tests done in the last 24 hours, and 15 deaths.
347 patients have been discharged from community based management and isolation facilities.
Zambia currently has 70,823 cases, 63,609 total recoveries and 974 total deaths.

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