S24 has uncovered a covid-19 outbreak in which some students at Lusaka’s Levy Mwanawasa Medical University (LMMU) are suspected to be infected and isolated at the university’s hostels.
In an exclusive interview with S24 Health News, LMMU Head of Public Relations Pauline Mbangweta Chammbwa said: “There is an outbreak of covid-19 in the country but here we do not have an outbreak, we only have a few students infected.”
She said the school has only been ensuring that health guidelines are met as prescribed by the Ministry of Health, but faces challenges as the school has over 8,000 students who come from various communities while few are accommodated.
“It’s hard to control what students do when they are not here, but we have an ongoing screening and testing.”
She told S24 that the young generation, especially boys, do not wear their masks consistently, as they tend to remove them quickly.
She did not disclose how many students have been infected, but she did however confirm that the affected students have been isolated.
In an exclusive interview with S24, Ministry of Health Spokesperson Dr. Abel Kabalo said students should avoid an outbreak of the virus but instead adhere to all health measures.
“I don’t have the full report, but yes I will confirm that there was an operation to ensure that adherence is done in higher learning institutions including levy Mwanawasa Medical University. We are doing this nationwide and the onus is on students – if they don’t, it will force us to close institutions”.
Dr. Kabalo said all provincial and district health directors are on high alert to conduct such operations.
He emphas

ised that the safety measures must be taken at an individual level.
And, speaking to S24, Director of the Zambia National Public Health Institute (ZNPHI) Professor Victor Mukonka said he could not disclose the number of learners infected and tested by ZNPHI today.
“We are conducting targeted screening for all who were found positive; we have traced their contacts, screened their contacts in the hostels and we have screened the hostels,” he said.
He said the full report on ZNPHI’s findings will be available during today’s covid-19 update.
Whilst at the University, S24 found a team from ZNPHI conducting covid-19 tests of various students.

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