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By Precious Lyatumba

New Hope Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) President Nevers Mumba has said that unless the Covid-19 vaccine is validated, verified and scientifically approved by Zambian experts it should not be injected into any Zambian body, or else Zambians shall die like fools. 

Dr. Mumba has urged the Zambian government not to be satisfied with the fact the vaccine is said to be safe by the Americans or Russians, but only by the Zambian people. 

“Zambians must not inject any vaccine in any Zambian body before proper validation. No injection should be inserted into a body of any Zambian. We must declare the vaccine unsafe,” Dr. Mumba said. 

He further added that if Zambians cannot get their own scientists and doctors to have the vaccine approved then they should refrain or desist from having things given to them by other people, in case they are given poison which may lead to every Zambian dying like a fool. Dr. Mumba said he believes Zambia has educated scientists and doctors who must be trusted to dissect the constitution of the vaccine and ensure that it is safe for the Zambian people. “We may be poor but we are not stupid, we can read when they write ‘this vaccine cannot be used in America, this vaccine cannot be used in European countries’,” he added.Dr. Mumba has alleged that foreign governments might be sending substandard medicine to Africa.”How do you know that the same vaccine that was given to United States President Joe Biden is the same vaccine that is coming to Africa?” he wondered.He said the fact that international media reported President-Elect Biden was injected with the vaccine does not give any guarantee that the quality is the same as that which will be given to Africans. He said that there is a need for the Zambian government to be responsible now more than ever. Dr. Mumba urged the government not to always accept everything that comes from the Western world, in a bid to earn money for selfish reasons at the expense of the Zambian people, further stating that he will not take any vaccine nor  allow his children and those he loves to take it.He said he can only rescind his decision if the vaccine is approved by Zambian scientists or doctors.

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