Zambia is set to participate in clinical vaccine trials for covid-19, the Ministry of Health has announced.
Speaking during the covid-19 routine update today, Director for Infectious Diseases Hospital Professor Lloyd Mulenga said Zambia is one of the countries listed by the African Center for Disease Control (CDC) to take part in the clinical trials.
Dr. Chanda further announced that Zambia has procured 600, 000 rapid diagnostic test kits that will be distributed countrywide. especially in rural areas.
Meanwhile, Dr. Chanda noted that 19 students have tested positive, stating: “I would like to confirm that 19 pupils in Chizongwe, Eastern Province have tested positive for COVID-19 but all have mild symptoms. The pupils have since been isolated.”
Dr. Chanda further advised schools to ensure there is restricted entry to stop the transmission of covid-19.
“All schools who do not adhere to health guidelines will be closed; the Ministry of Health will continue to conduct inspections in schools.”
He went on to say that Zambia has recorded 790 new cases of COVID-19 out of 5,517 tests done in the last 72 hours, and stated that the country has cleared the testing backlog that it had.
Dr. Chanda said the Ministry of Health will continue to provide guidance on public gatherings to ensure there is no spread of the virus.
Meanwhile, 8 people have succumbed to the virus, and 321 patients are currently hospitalised, with 223 on oxygen, and 42 in critical condition.
Zambia currently has 72,467 total cases, 65,051 total recoveries and 991 total deaths.

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