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Self -proclaimed Lusaka based prophet Ian Chipoka Genesis has warned Lusaka businessman Simon Mwewa to be ready to “dance the music of spirits after starting a battle with spirits.”

Mr. Chipoka, whose Church is known as Charisma Ministries, has taken to his Facebook page and vowed to fight back against Mr. Mwewa for reporting him to the police and the Ministry of Religious Affairs for money laundering.

“An overgrown baby reported me to the anti-fraud department of the police service and opened a criminal case against me, he later went to Ministry of Religious Affairs and accused me of money laundering and other cases without proof or evidence,” Mr. Chipoka said.

Mr. Chipoka recalled that last year Mr Mwewa had started a battle with him for simply being a young prophet who had become prosperous.

“I wanted to sue him but I forgave, nevertheless now I will use all legal, financial and spiritual weapons under my disposal to fight back. He who starts a battle with spirits must be ready to dance the music of spirits,” he warned.

Last week, Mr. Mwewa who is a social media commentator on Facebook, embarked on a lone crusade of exposing what he termed as false prophets.

After reporting another self proclaimed prophet Shepard Masela to the authorities for claiming to have raised a dead woman to life, he also cited Mr. Chipoka and Bishop John Nundwe General as being false prophets.

And in his response to Mr. Masela, Mr Mwewa has dared him to use his spiritual powers against him.

“Genesis sit down.Take a chill pill and sit down ok. You don’t have the ability to do that.You don’t have the wherewithal to do that.

“You could not much less pray for an ant to leave it’s track and you will sit there saying you will pray and make somebody mad,come on man get real,” Mr. Mwewa said.He has cautioned government to bring to book the likes of Mr. Chipoka for using the name of God for self-aggrandisement.

He also warned that the mark of a false prophet includes giving themselves a name other than the one given to them at birth.

Secondly, a man who calls himself a prophet and uses the name of God as a weapon against another individual and to instill fear in others when questioned.

The flashy Mr. Chipoka usually proclaims special healing through miracles and deliverance and usually dishes out prophecies on the political landscape.

Efforts to get a comment from Masela, the founder of Healing Center, proved futile as his phone was constantly engaged.

Bishop John Nundwe General, the overseer of Miracle Impact Ministries who runs a gospel TV channel Healing Center, has also not responded to Mr. Mwewa.

The self-appointed Christian general, who once had a brush with authorities over his nationality, has been running his church for over ten years by preaching deliverance and miracles.

His flock is over 15,000.

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