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Turkey’s major cities face the possibility of running out of water in the next few months. This comes after warnings from Istanbul, declaring less than 45 days of water remain.
According to Dr. Ümit Sahin: “Everybody knows that water basins must be preserved for these drought episodes, yet Istanbul’s most vital water basins, last forests and agriculture land has been open to urban development projects.”
A drastic decrease in rainfall has led to Turkey’s most severe drought in a decade. Istanbul – which has a population of over 17 million people – is now close to running out of water according to Turkey’s chamber of chemical engineers.
“The capital has 110 days worth in dams and reservoirs,” said Ankara mayor, Mansur Yavas.
Istanbul is not the only city struggling with water supplies – Izmir and Bursa also face alarmingly low percentages of dam resources.
Turkey has long faced criticism for its prioritised efforts for economic growth over environmental concerns. Turkey and the United States are the only G20 countries yet to ratify the 2015 Paris agreement.
The municipality has now urged residents to think carefully about how to conserve water, including turning off the tap whilst brushing teeth or shaving.

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