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Days after videos of two young women engaging in oral sex went viral on Zambian social media, police have yet to investigate the matter.

Police Spokesperson Esther Mwata-Katongo has told S24 that only when the contents of the sexually explicit video are examined will they take action.

“We have not seen the videos. We have nothing. However, videos on social media can come from any country. We have to have them and then examine the videos. The cyber crime unit will make a fellow up,” Mrs. Katongo said.

The videos depict two naked young women involved in sexual acts in a stuffy bedroom, while taking breaks to drink alcohol and dance to music.

Same sex activity is illegal for both males and females in Zambia.

Social media enthusiasts were agog on Wednesday upon viewing the sex videos as some condemned the two unkown participants for what they termed despicable acts.

However, a Komboni radio Disc Jockey based in Ndola has asked people to stop sharing  photos of the women on social media.

Mervis Kasonde Kalumba, also known as DJ Apple Bite, has said that while she does not support the acts in the videos, people should help the two youths to heal.

“The moral of my message to people is that let us not add fuel to the issue.S he is somebody’s sister, child and niece – imagine what she is going through,” Kalumba said.

It is also yet to be established if the two women involved in the videos are Zambian.

Zambia has seen a few homosexual cases being prosecuted by the courts of law and some media reports on the vice but it is yet to been seen if it will spread.

Zambians Penal Code Act (cap 87) expressly criminalises homosexual relations.

Article 158 condemns same sex relations between men, women and children and it is punishable for a term of not less than seven years and not exceeding 14 years.

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