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The Water Resources Management Authority (WARMA) has issued a flood alert for North Western Province.
In a press statement, WARMA Public Relations Officer Joshua Kapila has alerted the public that there is a likelihood of a 20-year return flood in Kasempa District along the Lubungu and Lungu Rovers from 27th of January to the 31st of January,2021.
Mr. Kapila said that according to a forecast by the authority there is a likelihood of a 10 year flood around Mumbwa and Hook Bridge and in areas downstream of the Itezhi tezhi dam in Namwala and Kaseka hydrometric station on the Kafue River, which is projected to occur between the 7th of February and the 9th of February.
He further stated that the authority has noted increased river flows due to increased rainfall in the areas and has projected that flooding will be severe in the mentioned regions and around Kasempa and Kasenengwa.
The authority has advised citizens in affected areas to take precautions and urgently prepare for the projected foods to avoid loss of life and property.
Kapila added that the authority will continue to provide forecasted flood updates and will report any observed changes that have potential to cause disaster.

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