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Beijing aims to overtake Hong Kong electoral system – By Kendra Chan

The National People’s Congress (NPC) is the highest organisation of state power in the People’s Republic of China. It starts today, on the 5th of March, and will run for a week. 

One of the possible motions raised by NPC vice-chairman Wang Chen in the opening ceremony was the overhaul of Hong Kong’s electoral system, by giving new powers to Hong Kong’s law-making body the legislative council.

The electoral committee would be able to nominate candidates for the legislative council and elect a share of its members.

This law was proposed after the implementation of a national security law, which led to the arrests of 47 pro-democracy activists, who were accused of subversion under the new law.

Some of them are members of the legislative council.

This seems to indicate that Beijing can no longer stand opposing opinions in Hong Kong, and is now working to restrict freedoms and increase its own power.  

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