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Grave of Protester dug up in Myanmar – By Kendra Chan

Protests in Myanmar have persisted for over a month now, in opposition to the military coup d’état which saw an end to the country’s civilian rule. Leaders and civilians elected by the people were detained and deposed. 

19-year-old Kyal Sin was shot dead by a military sniper during a protest last Wednesday, after which she has become an icon of the movement, due to her courage. The death toll among protesters is raising rapidly – over 54 have been killed by the military.

After Kyal’s death her grave is claimed to have been exhumed by a group more than 30. Some who witnessed the act said authorities in surgical gear removed the body and took something from it on Friday. Soon after, the grave was re-sealed. 

“They pulled out the coffin and removed the body and placed it on a bench. They even placed a brick under the head,” said the witness. 

A military spokesman did not answer calls from reporters seeking for a comment. Meanwhile state television questioned reports of Kyal being killed by security forces and said the cause of death is being investigating. 

The state-run newspaper Global New Light of Myanmar reported that after looking through photos of the 19-year-old, experts conclude the injuries were not caused by an anti-riot weapon.

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