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Grave of Protester dug up in Myanmar – By Kendra Chan

Protests in Myanmar have persisted for over a month now, in opposition to the military coup d’état which saw an end to the country’s civilian rule. Leaders and civilians elected by the people were detained and deposed. 

Last Wednesday 19-year-old Kyal Sin was shot dead by a military sniper during a protest, after which she has become an icon of the movement, due to her courage. The death toll among protesters continues to rise rapidly – over 54 have been killed by the military.

After Kyal’s death her grave is claimed to have been exhumed. Some who witnessed the act said authorities in surgical gear removed the body and took something from it on Friday. Soon after, the grave was re-sealed. 

“They pulled out the coffin and removed the body and placed it on a bench. They even placed a brick under the head,” said the witness. 

A military spokesman did not answer calls from reporters seeking for a comment. Meanwhile state television questioned reports of Kyal being killed by security forces and said the cause of death is being investigating. 

The state-run newspaper Global New Light of Myanmar reported that after looking through photos of the 19-year-old, experts conclude the injuries were not caused by an anti-riot weapon.

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