Poirier stuns former champion McGregor with TKO – By Randev Jayasinha

Former featherweight UFC champion Conor McGregor was delivered his first knockout defeat on his return to the sport as Dustin Poirier claimed victory in their rematch at UFC 257. The 32-year-old Irishman, who came out of retirement for a third time, was left stunned and bruised as his opponent stormed to victory at Abu Dhabi’s Fight Island.
The American fighter delivered the technical knockout blow two minutes and 32 seconds into the second round, after McGregor edged the first round.
After the fight McGregor commented that he is “gutted” and that “it is a tough one to swallow”, as he feels that his inactivity since his bout with Khabib Nurmagomedov may have left him at a great disadvantage.
“I felt stronger than him, but his leg kicks were good. I didn’t adjust. My leg was badly compromised, I’ve never experienced those low calf kicks, and I wasn’t as comfortable as I needed to be,” McGregor added further.
However, it was the American southpaw that brought the heat midway through the five-minute second round after his initial pressure and series of leg kicks that left McGregor compromised.
After this victory, Poirier inflicted his first TKO/KO defeat of McGregor’s career to take his own personal record to 27-6. “The goal was to be technical, pick my shots and not brawl at all. Then I had him hurt so I went a little crazy,” Poirier added after the fight, as he accepted his winnings.

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