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Liquid Intelligent Technologies achieves 100,000 km of fibre

Pan-African digital solutions provider Liquid Intelligent Technologies has achieved the 100,000 km fibre network milestone, positioning the organisation as the largest independent fibre network provider in emerging markets globally.

Liquid has been manoeuvring steadily through Africa, investing in increasing its reach, and moving the dial from 89,989 km at the beginning of the year to 100, 000 km by June.  

With its additional fibre network connecting 14 countries, primarily in Sub-Saharan Africa, customers can now explore opportunities in Africa and across the US, Asian and European markets.

The organisation’s fibre infrastructure impacts more than 100 million people across 643 towns and cities on the continent.

This extensive network will go a long way in creating new opportunities, by making digital inclusion a reality for businesses and individuals across Africa.

Group Chief Executive Officer for Liquid, Nic Rudnick, said: “Over the years we have been successfully connecting countries through our high-speed connectivity and digital services. Our successful partnerships with customers ensured that today we are recognised as a technology company that has brought local businesses access to Cloud capabilities, world-class Cyber Security solutions, in addition to our existing telecoms and connectivity capability.”

Liquid recently expanded its operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, bringing its fibre network and digital services to a country that relied heavily on pricey mobile broadband.

According to Deloitte, it is estimated that by extending internet penetration, another 640 million children may access the internet and the wealth of information it makes available while they study.

With only a 20% internet penetration in Africa, the internet plays a pivotal role in extending access to educational resources and accelerating knowledge sharing among students and teachers, as well as the general populace.

Rudnick said: “The internet offers unprecedented opportunities for economic growth in developing countries. By providing access to information, connecting people to businesses everywhere, and opening up new markets, the internet can act as an enabler of economic activity and an engine for information sharing.”

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