Some residents of Lusaka’s Ng’ombe compound have complained about poor call connectivity and slow internet connection, they want the Zambia Information and Communication Authority (ZICTA), to take action against mobile service companies for poor services.

Peter Nkandu, a businessman says his calls do not always go through and if they do, they drop in the middle of the conversation or he sometimes receives feedback, which makes it difficult to reach his clients.

And two other residents Tamba Njoka and Peter Phiri said calls sometimes don’t go through and internet connection is very slow.

Ms Njoka said someone could be close to her but the number does not go through or when she sends messages, they are not delivered to the recipients.

ZICTA Corporate Communications Manager, Ngabo Nankonde said the authority is aware of the complaints and is in the process of collecting information and evidence, to ascertain the quality of services being provided by mobile service companies.

“We have received complaints about the quality of service, the public will be informed about the action that will be taken afterwards,” She said.

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