Minister of Health Dr. Jonas Chanda has said that Covid-19 vaccines will be presented to Cabinet for approval soon and will not be given to citizens in February as earlier announced.
Dr. Chanda said: “Testing positive for COVID-19 is not a death sentence, very few of those will die. Only everyone who will have severe symptoms should be admitted,” he said.

He assured citizens that procurement of the vaccine will be done in a transparent manner.  

And Dr. Chanda has also directed Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) to withdraw medicines that are not licensed by the authority for treatment of the COVID-19 virus.
He was speaking during a tour of Maina Soko Military Hospital yesterday, which is an additional 86-bed isolation and currentky has 26 patients treatment facility for covid-19 patients who present with moderate to less critical symptoms. 
“ZAMRA must withdraw any product that is not licensed from the market,” Dr. Chanda said. 
He further urged private health facilities not to use the pandemic as an opportunity to exploit Zambians and provide the test at exorbitant prices.
He went on to emphasise that mass testing will not help the country.
The Health Minister stated that many people are aware of the pandemic but measures must be enforced.
Dr. Chanda further stated that citizens should not just use home-based solutions such as steaming (locally known as “Ukufwitikila”), but also maintain health guidelines such as washing hands, wearing a mask, avoiding non-essential travel and visiting a health facility when feeling ill.

And Brigedier General Doctor Bernard Kapatamoyo said: “I want to inform our dear clients that if they feel ill they must visit a health facility near them, we do not want to be a part of cross contamination.”
Dr. Chanda added that the Ministry is concerned with the high number of people dying from covid-19 related complications and brought-in-dead in cases.

Zambia has recorded 1,308 new cases out of 12 ,123 total tests done in the last 24 hours.

739 have been discharged from isolation and home based facilities while 13 deaths have been recorded with 6 brought in dead cases and 6 health facility deaths and 1 brought in dead cases in Kalulushi.

389 patients are currently admitted at health facilities, with 280 on oxygen therapy with 26 in critical condition.

Zambia currently has 578 total deaths, 39,516 total cases and 28,066 total recoveries.

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