In a groundbreaking move to further achieve its mandate of “accurate information to all”, Spring TV – Zambia’s first and only 24-hour news station – has partnered with homegrown technology company, eNgoma Solutions.  

Considered to be at the forefront of Zambian innovation, eNgoma is currently spearheading a variety of projects, including their COVID-19 chatbot, which offers real time information about the coronavirus, at the touch of a button.   

Speaking with S24, eNgoma co-founder Chilufya Musosha said: “eNgoma is built on the premise that innovation and out of the box thinking can change our country, coupled with the strong belief that information flow to the people; setting up platforms that allow them to provide feedback, is the only way we can have an inclusive society.”

The partnership is rooted in a shared mandate of empowerment and development, through factual impartial dissemination of information. 

“Spring TV was a ‘bride’ perfectly made for us as they reflect everything we believe in and stand for,” Mr. Musosha noted. “We fully believe this partnership will change the way information is generated and consumed in this country.”  

To make it official, Spring TV and eNgoma have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will see them cooperate on a number of innovative projects.

This includes free Wi-Fi throughout the country, with captive portals that will allow members of the public to access internet in public places like markets, bus stops and universities – after viewing and interacting with an advert, video or survey.

Spring TV co-founder and Chief Operations Officer, Chinyota “Chi” Msimuko, noted that such collaborations will go a long way in empowering Zambians and developing Zambia as a whole.  

“Spring TV’s mandate remains to spread accurate information that is for the well-being of our society and national prosperity,” Mr. Msimuko said. “Technology remains the greatest asset in achieving this. With the reality of media platforms becoming increasingly merged, the advantage of partnering with specialists such as eNgoma means that the general public is greatly advantaged, with the availability of more avenues through which information can be accessed. ‘Exciting’ is just one of many positive adjectives we can use to describe this partnership.”  

Click the link for S24’s exclusive interview with Chilufya Musosha: https://www.facebook.com/Spring24TV/videos/1356180611398995

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