Theft of garbage bins increasing in Lusaka’s CBD

Lusaka central area councillor George Daka observed the need for the application of citizens’ arrest on people found in vices against public property.

Mr. Daka said this following reports of a growing trend of theft of garbage bins in the central business district (CBD) by some unscrupulous individuals.

He said people should be on high alert and report all suspicious activities in order to protect public property.

“Sometimes we find somebody vandalising this, but you’re just there watching, I think we need to stop, we need to change the mindset”.

He was speaking in Lusaka when the Cleaning Association of Zambia (CAZ) donated garbage bins to the CBD in a bid to help fight diseases threatening the well-being of citizens.

“This is to make sure that we get rid of the Cholera that is there, we have seen that COVID has ravaged the country, we don’t want any other disease to come hence we have decided to give these bins to the city,” said CAZ president Lawrence Makumbi.

He added that: “We have seen that the council alone is not able to make sure that we get rid of this garbage because people have been stealing the bins that have been put in town.”

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