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Brexit Trade Deal Expected Before Christmas ~ By Katie Wood

After continued talks between the UK and the EU on a post-Brexit trade agreement, it is looking extremely likely that a deal will be announced just in time for Christmas.

An announcement is expected today in a press conference after UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen finalise the details in what is understood to be their fifth phone call about the Brexit deal.

Both the UK and the EU have until 31st December to get the trade deal approved by parliamentarians. The deal document is said to be around 2000 pages long.

Although the UK Parliament will most likely not return to Westminster until next week to vote on the trade deal, Labour MP and chair of the Commons Brexit committee Hilary Benn spoke to the BBC Breakfast and said there is ‘no doubt’ that Parliament will approve the deal.

If this deal is not passed, then there will be no deal on 31st December and the UK will be subject to World Trade Organization rules.

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