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Trump’s lawyers claim he is not responsible for Capitol riots – By Katie Wood

In response to Donald Trump’s impeachment charges, his lawyers have released a pre-trial brief in an attempt to prove that he was not responsible for the riots that took place in the Capitol on 6th January, therefore he should not be impeached.

In the brief, the former president’s lawyers argue that FBI documents prove the riot had been planned before Trump made a speech where he encouraged supporters to “walk down to the Capitol”. They say that the riot had been planned days in advance.

Moreover, the lawyers have said that the impeachment trial is unconstitutional as Trump has now officially left office.

The brief stated: “Through this latest Article of Impeachment now before the Senate, Democrat politicians seek to carve out a mechanism by which they can silence a political opponent and a minority party. The Senate must summarily reject this brazen political act.”

However, after this brief was released the House impeachment managers responded with a statement saying that Trump had “betrayed the American people”.

The trial begins later today with a debate, followed by a vote deciding if the proceedings are unconstitutional. It is likely that there will then be further debates tomorrow allowing both sides 16 hours each to present their case.

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